Treating Herniated Discs in Houston

Effective Relief for Back or Neck Pain

At Houston Pain & Spine, we provide the level of expertise needed to evaluate, diagnose, and treat spine-related conditions like herniated discs. We work hard to stay up-to-date on all of the advances in technology in the treatment of back and spine conditions. By offering Houston pain management services, we aim to get to the bottom of your condition and alleviate your pain. Regardless of whether you are experiencing a new condition or suffering as a result of a long-term untreated condition, we are here to provide the treatments you need.

Herniated discs can occur as a result of a number of different circumstances:

  • Disc degeneration
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Heavy lifting

There are many different symptoms related to herniated discs, including severe pain, tingling, numbness, and weakness. If you have recently injured yourself and suspect a herniated disc, turn to us for help. Please call us now at (832) 436-4040 to get started!

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