Aug 27, 2015 | | Anonymous, Ano
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There are times in life in which the feasibility of man is tested to a greater extent than normal. One such instance, that recently occurred to me, was when I herniated my L4-L5 and L5-S1 disc.Most of my life I’ve been very active, running marathons, water skiing, snow skiing, you name it – if it is an outdoor activity I’ve probably done it at least once. About 2 months ago, while lifting my brothers 65lb dog out of the lake (soaking wet), I heard my back make a popping sound. I wasn’t hurting immediately, but after 2-3 weeks I could barely sit for longer than 5 minutes, and then standing up after sitting was excruciating.Being in the medical field for the past 10 years, I understand that some doctors are better at certain practices than others. This is why I decided to see Dr. Asif Chaudhry for my back condition. His reputation is second to none and now I understand why.When I called his office, his staff was super pleasant and got me an appointment that very afternoon! After meeting with him and his staff, and I digress – (all very easy on the eyes if you know what I mean), I felt super comfortable with his approach to my care and could tell that he not only knew how to help me – but honestly wanted to.After a MRI to confirm my condition, a round of oral steroids, and one single epidural steroid injection – I’m back to my old self again! Hat’s off to Dr. Chaudhry and his incredible staff, job extremely well done!

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