Aug 27, 2015 | | Anonymous, Ano
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For approximately 13 years and about half that number of different doctors, I have complained about lower back and hip joint pain. Most doctors claimed it was arthritis (without any tests) and prescribed pain medication. The pain medication provided zero relief.Other doctors ordered MRIs. One found disc issues in my lower back and did provide relief that lasted about 4 years. However, by the time a repeat treatment was needed, I had relocated to Houston and thus, had to start the doctor search all over again.Again, the new doctor claimed the pain to be arthritis, but I insisted on an MRI. Their findings were void of disc issues. No disc issues? Well that would be awesome, but even I know it isn’t likely ruptured disc will automatically heal itself!Another doctor accurately diagnosed the pain in my hips as bursitis, then provided no suggestions, advice, information, or relief. I guess he considered his job done by diagnosing the problem, as I limped away.Finally, a new doctor referred me to Dr. Chaudhry. Another round of MRI tests confirmed the disc issue in my lower back and bursitis in my hip joints.What a shock it was when Dr. Chaudhry so calmly asked if I wanted a shot in each hip called a Bursa Injection! Now? No. Wait, OK. Wait! I frantically wondered how he planned to do that without putting me out, as they do in the hospital! But I did not dare let him leave the room until I could get a grip on the panic I felt. He tried to assure me the needle was small and wouldn’t hurt (and without going into how I really didn’t believe it) it was true. There was very little needle discomfort, but tremendous relief!Two days later, there was no pain in either hip. Zero pain! It no longer hurt climbing stairs, getting up from a sitting position or shopping. That process was followed up a week later with Epidural Steroid Injections (ESIs) in my lower back (this treatment done as outpatient in hospital environment). For three months, I was absolutely pain free. The time frame was pretty close to what Dr. Chaudhry predicted.Why did it have to take so long for a doctor to suggest a solution? I felt such immediate and effective relief and life without pain is much less difficult. I figure I will have to repeat the process 2-3 times a year and even though it is not super pleasant, it is definitely worth it!And, last, but very important, Dr. Chaudhry and his entire staff are very approachable: easy to talk to and friendly.

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