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He not only knew how to help me – but honestly wanted to

There are times in life in which the feasibility of man is tested to a greater extent than normal. One such instance, that recently occurred to me, was when I herniated my L4-L5 and L5-S1 disc.

Most of my life I’ve been very active, running marathons, water skiing, snow skiing, you name it – if it is an outdoor activity I’ve probably done it at least once. About 2 months ago, while lifting my brothers 65lb dog out of the lake (soaking wet), I heard my back make a popping sound. I wasn’t hurting immediately, but after 2-3 weeks I could barely sit for longer than 5 minutes, and then standing up after sitting was excruciating.

Being in the medical field for the past 10 years, I understand that some doctors are better at certain practices than others. This is why I decided to see Dr. Asif Chaudhry for my back condition. His reputation is second to none and now I understand why.

When I called his office, his staff was super pleasant and got me an appointment that very afternoon! After meeting with him and his staff, and I digress - (all very easy on the eyes if you know what I mean), I felt super comfortable with his approach to my care and could tell that he not only knew how to help me – but honestly wanted to.

After a MRI to confirm my condition, a round of oral steroids, and one single epidural steroid injection – I’m back to my old self again! Hat’s off to Dr. Chaudhry and his incredible staff, job extremely well done!

Craig Craig June 22, 2018

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He was a real God-send to me.

I'm 69 years old. I have chronic back pain. At the time I met Dr. Chaudhry, I was in need of a really good interventional pain physician. Another doctor recommended him to me.

Dr. Chaudhry was everything the other interventional pain physicians I went to weren't. He listened, he was knowledgeable and showed compassion; he treated me like I was one of his own family members. I highly recommend him.

At that time of my life I was ready to 'throw in the towel', but he wasn't going to let me. After a consultation with Dr. Chaudhry, he found that a neuromodulation spinal cord stimulator would be just what I needed.

The pain relief was unreal, nothing that I could have expected. I could actually participate in most of my normal daily activities again without my back getting in the way. He was a real God-send to me - literally saving my life. Give Dr. Chaudhry a call - he'll listen and do what it takes to relieve your pain.

George George June 22, 2018

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Life without pain is much less difficult.

For approximately 13 years and about half that number of different doctors, I have complained about lower back and hip joint pain. Most doctors claimed it was arthritis (without any tests) and prescribed pain medication. The pain medication provided zero relief.

Other doctors ordered MRIs. One found disc issues in my lower back and did provide relief that lasted about 4 years. However, by the time a repeat treatment was needed, I had relocated to Houston and thus, had to start the doctor search all over again.

Again, the new doctor claimed the pain to be arthritis, but I insisted on an MRI. Their findings were void of disc issues. No disc issues? Well that would be awesome, but even I know it isn't likely ruptured disc will automatically heal itself!

Another doctor accurately diagnosed the pain in my hips as bursitis, then provided no suggestions, advice, information, or relief. I guess he considered his job done by diagnosing the problem, as I limped away.

Finally, a new doctor referred me to Dr. Chaudhry. Another round of MRI tests confirmed the disc issue in my lower back and bursitis in my hip joints.

What a shock it was when Dr. Chaudhry so calmly asked if I wanted a shot in each hip called a Bursa Injection! Now? No. Wait, OK. Wait! I frantically wondered how he planned to do that without putting me out, as they do in the hospital! But I did not dare let him leave the room until I could get a grip on the panic I felt. He tried to assure me the needle was small and wouldn't hurt (and without going into how I really didn't believe it) it was true. There was very little needle discomfort, but tremendous relief!

Two days later, there was no pain in either hip. Zero pain! It no longer hurt climbing stairs, getting up from a sitting position or shopping. That process was followed up a week later with Epidural Steroid Injections (ESIs) in my lower back (this treatment done as outpatient in hospital environment). For three months, I was absolutely pain free. The time frame was pretty close to what Dr. Chaudhry predicted.

Why did it have to take so long for a doctor to suggest a solution? I felt such immediate and effective relief and life without pain is much less difficult. I figure I will have to repeat the process 2-3 times a year and even though it is not super pleasant, it is definitely worth it!

And, last, but very important, Dr. Chaudhry and his entire staff are very approachable: easy to talk to and friendly.

Jackie Jackie June 22, 2018

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Now I can envision life with very minimal pain.

Intermittent low back pain has bothered me for several years. I was diagnosed with a bulging lumbar disc and was told the only relief would be back surgery. At that time, the doctor didn't advise the surgery for me because of the risk at my age. Now at the age of ninety-one, traditional back surgery was definitely out of the question for me. My other health issues made surgery a dangerous option.

Over time, though, the pain got worse and worse, and since my hip replacement in the fall of 2010, back pain has taken over my life. I couldn't walk around in my home without crying out with the pain.

I am so thankful Dr. Chaudhry suggested the option of this less invasive procedure (MILD - Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression) to relieve that pain. After the procedure I got immediate relief from the pain going down my left leg, and within a week I was feeling much less pain on my right side.

Now I can envision life with very minimal pain. This is, indeed, a blessing from God! To be able to walk again is a dream coming true. Thank you for giving me this option of hope, Dr. Chaudhry!

Helen Helen June 22, 2018

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It was my lucky day being introduced to Dr. Chaudhry.

It was my lucky day when I was introduced to Dr. Chaudhry and his wonderful office staff. I had been experiencing pain in my neck, shoulders and arms, and it was becoming increasing difficult to turn my head from side to side. I was afraid I was not going to be able to drive much longer, and this would have created a huge burden because my husband can no longer drive and we didn't know how we would get by.

I was referred to Dr. Chaudhry for an epidural steriod injection. He conducted the procedure on my neck and by the next day, I had full side to side movement and I was free of all the pain. I couldn't believe it.

It has been 3 weeks and I am doing very well. I thank Dr. Chaudhry and his caring staff.

Frances Frances June 22, 2018

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Dr. Chaudhry is a wonderful doctor.

I was born with dislocated hips requiring me to wear casts and braces until I was about 3 yrs old. My left leg was shorter than my right because of the disability and this created a number of complications all my life. At the age of 15, I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

In 2004 at the age of 39, I had a total left hip replacement. Even after the hip replacement I still had problems that I was associating with my hip. I soon found out the pain was actually coming from the lumbar area. After being diagnosed with severe arthritis in the lower lumber facet joints, I was referred to Dr. Chaudhry.

Dr. Chaudhry performed minimally invasive spine procedures to address my pain. I had tremendous relief and hoped it was permanent. In March of 2011, I was having more issues, but with my SI joint area. After much thought, I decided to have more procedures done by Dr. Chaudhry.

I can honestly say that I have not been this pain free for as long as I can remember. I cannot express how wonderful it feels to be able to do things with my children that I was unable to do in the past. I can now walk the park, zoo and other places with my children without the use of my cane or a wheelchair. Dr. Chaudhry is a wonderful doctor and I highly recommend him to everyone! Thank you Dr. Chaudhry for giving me back the part of my life I thought was lost forever!

Cheryl Cheryl June 22, 2018

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I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Chaudhry.

To start off, I am so thankful that I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Chaudhry. Now, for the story. Due to back injury, I have been in pain for over two years. The discomfort was getting worse and the pain medication was no longer effective. I requested a new referral to a different doctor and was sent to a surgeon who told me, "[I] had to have open back surgery, and nothing else would help [me.]" Given my age and the current health issues on my plate, this was not an option I wanted to take. I was told there was another alternative and with that, I was referred to Dr. Chaudhry for an epidural steroid injection (ESI.)

The pain I was having was crippling and incapacitating. The pain on the right side radiated from my back to my foot. I was told that it would probably take 3-5 days before I would really feel any relief from the ESI, but I felt better the day after the first injection on the right side. A few weeks later, I had the second injection on the right side and since then, any discomfort I have had on the right side has responded to ibuprofen and an ice pack. I continued to have the severe pain on the left side that radiated to the front and back of my knee.

When I finally covered some hurdles to get back to Dr. Chaudhry, I had one ESI on the left side, and I felt improvement when I woke from the anesthesia. Three weeks later I went back for my follow-up appointment and the nurse asked me to rate the improvement in pain control on a scale of 0-100%. My answer was 100%. She asked me a second time and I told her that she heard me right! The improvement I was experiencing from the procedure was 100% better than it had been in the past two years.

Bettie Bettie June 22, 2018

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